Touchwood Carpentry is a West Australian based business focused on bringing the customer's vision and ideas to life. They work with all forms of carpentry, including new builds & home renovations. They also specialise in bespoke timber projects.

The Pintsize team were really impressed by the work Alex and the Touchwood team were creating, and could not wait to build them a website that showcased all of their abilities.


Working with the existing branding for Touchwood Carpentry, our first task was to build a clean, modern site that complimented the minimalistic style of the brand. From there we sat down with Alex to get a feel for what the website needed to communicate. The first thing that came to mind was that we needed to illustrate the huge range of services on offer, including the more bespoke areas Alex was truely passionate about. With this in mind, an easy to navigate services list was created featuring all of Touchwood’s work along with detailed descriptions .
It was very clear to us how impressive the Touchwood team's work was, but their Instagram feed was really something to be proud of. Due to regular updates and the quality of the content being posted, we felt it was necessary to integrate their posts into design. This resulted in a prominent gallery that constantly updates with their Instagram feed.
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